Complex Fluids- CompFlu-2016.

CompFlu-2016 is an international meeting for researchers in the interdisciplinary area of complex fluids or soft matter. CompFlu meetings have been held in India since 2002, and provide a forum for soft matter researchers from academia, government research laboratories and industry to come together.

While CompFlu National meetings are typically held in December, CompFlu-2016 is being organized in the first week of 2016 (2-4 January,2016) , so that it runs back-to-back with the Indo-US Workshop on Nanoparticle Assemblies (at CSIR-NCL, Pune from 4-6 January, 2016) and the Faraday Discussions on Nanoparticle Assemblies  (IITB, Mumbai from 7-9 January, 2016:

CompFlu-2016 has total 18 sessions, with 6 talks per session and each session will be chaired by a session chair. Click the link Scientific programme for the names of session chairs and the session themes covering nearly all of Soft Matter.

We are delighted to host CompFlu-2016 in Pune. The Pune-Mumbai region has a vibrant soft matter community that has run informal day-long Saturday meeting twice a year for several years.

We invite researchers from physics, engineering, chemistry and biology who work on experimental, theoretical or simulations aspects of soft matter to participate in CompFlu-2016. We look forward to seeing you at this exciting meeting.

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